Cursive is an art. 

It's woven into the very fabric of our constitution. Yet, everywhere we look, it's literally being written out of existence. Like a sandcastle built at the edge of the sea, with each crashing wave, the strokes of cursive slowly fade away.

Once the very heart of public school education, cursive is aggressively being replaced by computer classes. Instead of learning the basics of handwriting, children are increasingly being introduced to the nuances of the keyboard.

Now, there's absolutely no denying the importance that computers play in our world. You're reading this message in print, on a computer or mobile device. Still, writing matters. It makes a difference.

We've put together a number of perspectives on why we think cursive is important. And, ultimately, why we think it should be saved. Why would you save cursive? We'd love to hear.

Writing matters. #savingcursive