Cursive informs Art.

Art plays an important role in our life. We all know the power it holds, to captivate no less than to inspire. Art, to be sure, is one of our first creative expressions. It's an outlet for our emotions, a portal to our imagination. Many of us grow up with a crayon or paintbrush in our hand, turning any blank page into an exhibition piece. We make scribbles and swirls, an army of brushstrokes to try to capture our dreams. This is the beginning of learning how to write.

Then, as we acquire that ability, our focus often starts to shift. We aspire in words or sentences, or perhaps even stories. It's not that the images aren't there, we just have a different approach - trying to track them down the best we can. Of course, it's not the same for everyone. Yet, art and writing are so clearly, intricately intertwined. Some of us will later return to paint or draw, while others will only persist to write. Each of us has our own proclivities, but writing and art, to be sure, are bound in unimaginably beautiful ways. As Paul Klee states, "The conviction that painting is the right profession grows stronger and stronger in me. Writing is the only other thing I still feel attracted to. Perhaps when I am mature I shall go back to it."

"Drawing is taking a line for a walk." - Paul Klee

Writing matters. #savingcursive