Your Brain on Cursive:

In an extremely fascinating article, "What Learning Does for Your Brain", Dr. Klemm writes on the benefits of cursive:

"Scientists are discovering that learning cursive is an important tool for cognitive development, particularly in training the brain to learn “functional specialization," that is capacity for optimal efficiency. In the case of learning cursive writing, the brain develops functional specialization that integrates both sensation, movement control, and thinking. Brain imaging studies reveal that multiple areas of brain become co-activated during learning of cursive writing of pseudo-letters, as opposed to typing or just visual practice. Cursive writing helps train the brain to integrate visual, and tactile information, and fine motor dexterity. School systems, driven by ill-informed ideologues and federal mandate, are becoming obsessed with testing knowledge at the expense of training kids to develop better capacity for acquiring knowledge."

Then, in a memorable quote, he writes: 

"Brain imaging studies show that cursive activates areas of the brain that do not participate in keyboarding."

Writing matters. #savingcursive